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The websites linked to on this page are not owned or maintained by Protect Right Whales but they have all been carefully selected from sources that provide high-quality information. We also did our best to provide websites that don't have advertisements on them so they are easier and faster to view.


Chasing Bayla - Boston Globe


NOAA - North Atlantic Right Whale Sounds

Right Whale Listening Network Sounds


We have compiled a list of recommended books and children's books that is located here.


New England Aquarium: North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog

Georgia Wildlife Resources Division: North Atlantic Right Whales

NOAA Photo Library


Recent Scientific Publications Cast Doubt on North Atlantic Right Whale Future


We have created a new page just for videos that is located here.

Three whales at the surface at Jordan Basin in the Gulf of Maine

Three North Atlantic right whales are visible at the surface of the Jordan Basin in the Gulf of Maine. A fourth whale is visible just below the surface at lower left.
Photo credit: NOAA News 12-31-08 - full size photo