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First Calf of 2019-2020 Calving Season Sighted Off Georgia Coast
December 31, 2019

north atlantic right whale number 3560 swims with her new calf off the coast of sapelo island, georgia

North Atlantic right whale #3560 swims with her new calf - her first ever - about 28 nautical miles off Sapelo Island, Georgia on December 16, 2019.
credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research, NOAA permit #20556-01

Researchers with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium have sighted the first North Atlantic right whale calf of the 2019-2020 calving season. They sighted North Atlantic right whale #3560, who is 15 years old, with her new calf about 28 nautical miles off Sapelo Island, Georgia on December 16, 2019. The calf was believed to be less than a week old at the time of the sighting and is #3560's first calf. Researchers also report that at least five other females of breeding age have been sighted in the southeast as well, giving us hope that there are more calves to come.

A new calf joining the population is more important than ever, considering the fact they are highly endangered and under increasing threat from humans. There are less than 100 females of breeding age in the population, only 12 calves were born between 2017 and early 2019 and in that time at least 30 North Atlantic right whales were killed with the actual number believed to be significantly higher.


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